WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical

Stop giving the FDA your time and money! Free FDA Approval for E-Liquid

So, you're a "Domestic E-Liquid Manufacturer" with no other option than to fork over your hard earned cash to Uncle Sam right? Wrong! Stop wasting your time filling out countless forms and focus on what matters.

Did you know that foreign manufacturers and domestic importers are not required to register or make submissions to the FDA with respect to vaping products? WHAT??? You heard me right. Don't believe me, look at the FDA link here: Manufacturing

You may be asking how can this help you? Afterall, you're not a foreign manufacturer or an importer. Let me explain. If you have your products produced by a foreign manufacturer...Sovereign Juice Co from Vancouver Canada for example...your e-liquid would be considered manufactured by a foreign establishment for all intents and purposes. But what about importing and selling in the US? You are NOT required register or submit anything to the FDA to import and sell e-liquid. Please see the FDA link here: Importing and Exporting

This is easy right? Well, there are two caveats. 1) The FDA cleary states that you cannot engage in the manufacture, preparation, compounding or processing of the product. This means that it must be imported and distributed in it's original package. So, if it comes in a box, it must be put in that box prior to importation. It cannot be altered in any way between importation and distribution. 2) The imported products must comply with all other applicable tobacco product manufacturer requirements. ie. Labels, Child Resistant Containers, Ingredients, Warning Statements/Symbols and Language must be FDA compliant.

Footnote 2 on page 1 of the Guidance for Industry clearly states: Foreign establishments are not required to register and list until FDA issues regulations establishing such requirements in accordance with section 905(h) of the FD&C Act (21U.S.C. 387e(h)). The FDA's Guidance for Industry

If you're still wondering if we're the right choice consider this:

1) Sovereign Juice Co is capable of producing 250,000+ bottles per month with a fully automated bottling production line in an ISO 7 level Cleanroom.

2) Our state of the art equipment will measure, validate and record every ml that is produced. Production records, lot numbers and samples will be forwarded to you and retained by us for quality control.

3) Our production line is currently compatible with original Chubby Gorilla® bottles and others.

4) Our prices are comparible with your current manufacturer's. Price match for quantity guaranteed.

5) Our experienced staff can help with any issues or questions.

6) Need custom boxes? We are also a box producer, Ejuice Boxes. Check out our Website

7) FREE SHIPPING! I thought it's worth mentioning. We don't believe you should have to pay to have your own product shipped to you

Send an email to sales@sovereignjuiceco.com or Inbox me for more information